Which boiler is right for my home?

Posted June 25, 2021 by Jon Matthews

Buying a new boiler for your home is a big investment, and there are so many different boilers available, including gas and oil options, that you need to think very carefully before you make your choice. Hopefully, the information below will enable you to do just that.

What are the main types of boilers?

Conventional boilers
Conventional boilers heat water and store it in a hot water tank, where it will remain warm until you need it. When the hot water runs out, the tank will have to be refilled and reheated. They take up far more space than many other options.

Which homes are they good for? Bigger detached homes with lots of radiators and bathrooms.

Combination boilers are the UK’s most popular boiler choice. They are so popular because they are able to provide hot water on demand right from the mains, which means no tank is necessary. They are also very efficient.

Which homes are they good for? Homes with limited space and where there are a lot of people in need of hot water throughout the day.

System boilers
System boilers supply hot water directly from a storage cylinder to your radiators. They comprise of one storage unit, which means they are very easy to have installed and are great for saving money.

Which homes are they good for? Those with multiple bathrooms or when more hot water than a combi-boiler can supply are needed. If you are a landlord, they could be a good choice too as they will be able to meet the demand of multiple occupants without any unexpected hiccups.

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