What’s the difference between boiler fuel types?

Posted February 19, 2021 by Jon Matthews

More and more households are reaching out to their trusted heating engineers at the end of their boiler life with a crucial question: How should they replace their boiler? So, it’s worth noting that there’s more than one type of boiler fuel available.

Biomass, or wood fuel, is a popular choice for secondary fuel inside the household, using a fuel stove or an open fire. Wood chips can provide heat for a few hours, and eventually save costs on overall energy bills. However, it is an expensive boiler fuel type as a primary source of heating.

Natural gas
Natural gas is the most common source of heating in the UK. Over 8 in 10 households rely on gas boilers. The gas is fed directly by the main. Households can have a conventional gas boiler, a combination boiler or a condensing gas boiler, depending on the space available and their energy efficiency requirements.

Boilers when you’re not connected to the gas mains
Oil and LPG are alternative boiler fuel types for over 4 million households that have no connection to the gas mains.

Oil boilers and LPG boilers need additional storage tanks to be refilled periodically.

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