What’s the difference between a combi, regular and system boiler?

Posted October 22, 2021 by Jon Matthews

No matter the size of your home, getting a boiler system that will best suit your home is something that will make a difference. Having hot water and heating on demand can be required for some, whereas being able to have plenty of hot water all at the same time may be a need for others. So, what are the options for you, which is most efficient, and the differences between them all?

Combi Boiler
A combi boiler is a boiler system that works well in homes that want to have hot water and heating available on demand and instantly. They can be suited to most homes, especially smaller homes, as they don’t require you to install a hot water cylinder.

Regular Boiler
A regular boiler is a boiler system that is designed to provide hot water and heating, especially all at the same time. This is a boiler system that would suit a larger family home or perhaps a student house where multiple people could be using hot water at the same time.

System Boiler
A system boiler is a boiler system that works with a hot water cylinder, but it doesn’t have a hot water heat exchanger. System boilers do tend to be found in large and busy homes where the demand for hot water and heating is high. Through the use of a hot water cylinder, a system boiler can give you hot water for the home constantly, rather than offering it on-demand like a combi boiler would.