The New Bosch Easy Controller is now here!

Posted July 13, 2018 by Jon Matthews

The new Bosch Easy Control is now available and can be used with Worcester Bosch Boilers via an EMS connection or Other boilers via an OpenTherm adapter.

The Bosch Easy can be controlled via your phone or iPad/Tablet and features:

  • Weather Compensation – Automatically adjusts radiator temperature depending on the outside temperature
  • Optimisation – You say what time you want your house to be at a certain temperature. E.g. 21 Degrees when you get up at 6am. The Bosch Easy will work out when it needs to start to achieve this.
  • Smart TRV’s – With the use of wireless smart TRV’s you can now set individual heating times and temperatures for each room of the house or office
  • Notify Your Installer – If your boiler shows a fault, you can send this information to your installer via the App.
  • Request a Service – You can request a service using the App