Keeping your heating system efficient during colder weather

Posted October 22, 2020 by Jon Matthews

It’s that time of year where a lot of us will be opting for a night in at home than a night out on the town. And with that being said, it’s important you ready your home so that it’s providing your household with the efficient heating system you need for the cold months ahead. Here are some great tips to ensure your home is keeping warm this winter.

Keep an Eye on Your Thermostat

Your thermostat is essential during the colder months as you adjust it to get the ideal temperature. It’s best not to have it on all day, every day, as this can end up racking up your fuel costs. However, it’s worth putting it on a timer or controlling it via an app, if possible, so that you can dictate as and when it comes on. An hour or so at the start and end of each day should suffice.

Is It Well Insulated?

In order to save on your fuel bill, make sure your home is well insulated. Look at installing insulation materials into the walls and roof space of your home if you haven’t already. The more you can insulate it, the less heat is likely to escape from your home, and you’re also keeping that cold air out.

Get Your Boiler Checked Out

And finally, get your boiler checked out annually to reduce the likelihood of it breaking down. There’s nothing worse than a broken-down boiler during the winter!

These tips should help keep your home both energy-efficient and warm, so be sure to follow them.