Is an annual boiler service necessary?

Posted May 29, 2019 by Jon Matthews

Annual boiler servicing is something that we recommend to all our customers, however, we’re often asked if it is really necessary. Some customers think it may be a bit overkill, or are just worried about having to pay out for one. However, there are several reasons why an annual boiler service is necessary which we will outline below.


The top reason to have your boiler serviced annually is to ensure it continues to operate safely. Boilers are complex machines and if left unchecked for too long could start to malfunction and become a danger in your home.

One of the first checks carried out during a boiler service is to ensure that your boiler is not emitting any Carbon Monoxide. Carbon monoxide is a very harmful gas that can be fatal if left undetected in the home. A trained gas engineer can detect if there are any levels of the poisonous gas in your home and then advise on the safest way to rectify the problem.

Reduction in Gas Bills

During a boiler service, your trained gas engineer will check that your boiler parts are working properly. During this check they will also clean some of these parts to help make them run more efficiently. Helping your boiler run more efficiently will save you money on your energy bills as your boiler won’t have to use as much fuel to heat your home.

Complying with your home insurance

Some home insurance providers state in their terms and conditions that your boiler has to be serviced each year for cover to be valid. It is worth checking your insurance provider because if you were to have any boiler related claims, they may not pay out if you have not met their terms & conditions.

Maintaining your boiler warranty

Much like with the insurance providers, some boiler manufacturers only keep their warranty promises if you commit to having your boiler serviced each year. If you experience any boiler breakdowns or failures during your warranty period, but have no proof of annual boiler servicing, the boiler manufacturer has the right to withdraw their warranty commitment. This could result in you having to pay for any repairs or even a new boiler, out of your own pocket.

If you don’t know when your boiler was last serviced, why not contact us today and book one in! This will give you peace of mind that you boiler is working safely all the while keeping your home comfortable!