How to Stop Your Water Pipes from Freezing This Winter

Posted December 22, 2020 by Jon Matthews

Save money this winter by taking a couple of easy and proactive steps to save you time and headaches later on. Maintaining your home and boiler will provide you with warmth and comfort while enjoying quality time inside.

Start by inspecting the insulation to ensure that you have a properly insulated home. This is an important task that is easy for most homeowners to do themselves or you can let the professionals help you. Your first step is to begin in the attic and work your way down. If you have ill-fitting or thin insulation, consider having a higher quality material installed. Money spent on this will save on lowering energy bills over time. Having good insulation is like wearing a warm winter parka. The better quality and fit for your body, the warmer you will be.

Engage professional heating engineers to have your boiler serviced annually. Ideally, schedule this before winter’s onset. If you haven’t done this, it’s not too late to arrange it. Consider this to be like an annual exam with your healthcare provider to catch and prevent or repair any issues early on before they become problematic. Keeping your boiler properly attended to will ensure an efficient and well-heating unit that will provide warmth even on the coldest days.

A pro tip is to affix your heating engineer’s contact information directly onto or near your boiler so that you don’t have to rush to find the right number should an unfortunate emergency occur. When in doubt, contact the experts to help you navigate your home heating system so you won’t be out in the cold.