Energy efficient climate control could cost less than you think

Posted December 19, 2022 by Jon Matthews

For year round comfort that won’t break the bank

Did you know? We now offer state of the art air-to-air heating and cooling systems that are perfect for customers looking to control the temperature in a specific area of their home. Bosch climate control units provide heating, cooling, air filtration and humidity reduction to keep you and your family comfortable all year.

A+++ gets our vote

Whether it’s a conservatory, garage conversion, or simply a living area that you spend lots of time in, we now install air-to-air pumps, manufactured by Bosch, that achieve extremely high energy efficiency levels (A++ in cooling and A+++ in heating).

The air-to-air pumps use the same technology as the increasingly popular air-to-water equivalents for a fraction of the installation costs and upheaval.

This means that they cool and heat at an energy ration of around 1:5 – for every one unit of energy that goes in, they generate five times the heating or cooling.

Even better?

Because they are so efficient, the government is incentivising the installation of these heat pumps by offering 0% VAT on the supply and installation of them.

Air conditioning units are increasing in popularity, as temperatures continue to rise at the hands of global warming. In 2022 many places in the UK saw the mercury top 40°C. Which means a luxury that people traditionally only experience in their cars, offices or on holiday are now becoming a mainstay in the home, particularly in bedrooms as relief from weeks of muggy, sleepless nights.

Reclaiming your conservatory

Traditionally, conservatories have got a reputation for being a tricky space to keep a regular temperature, with the sun blazing through the glass in the summer and the cold chill from the glazing in the winter. Air-to-air heat pumps could be the perfect way to stay comfortable and enjoy the indoor/outdoor space a conservatory provides freeing up more space in the main home.

Work(out) in comfort

More of us now work from home, at least part of the week, and the pandemic saw an insurmountable rise of garage conversions and outdoor offices and home gyms. The Bosch climate control systems are great for enabling you to heat just one space during the winter while you work, or if you’re pumping iron, stay cool even in the height of summer.

Cheaper than you think

The bit that surprises everyone? With a guide price of £1500 per room, complete with supply and fitting, (and a five-year guarantee), year-round comfort and room usability needn’t cost the earth. We also offer a buy now, pay later initiative, to help get you started. With 0% interest finance options available, or for a little more, spread the cost over a longer period, you could be set up for year round comfort in no time.

Flexible finance options

Our finance packages are available for all private / residential and commercial customers wanting to install a new system. Our finance initiative enables customers to pay back the cost of the new installation over multiple monthly repayments as opposed to forking out a large, upfront lump sum. For example, you can spread your payment plan over 6 to 120 months depending on which option suits you personally. We have some great rates available, some of which are as low as 9.9% APR up to 10 years, 12 Months Buy now pay later or 0% APR up to 2 years*. Why not enquire today to find out what finance package would suit you.

What’s more, if you choose to purchase a climate control system with us, you’ll know you’ll have true experts installing your unit, providing aftercare and support as standard.

With low running costs and an efficiency rating that is kind to the planet, these systems could be the perfect solution for a space, or multiple spaces in your home, giving your boiler and your gas bill a reprieve whilst keeping you comfy.

If you want to find out more, talk to our team for advice and a no obligation quote.

*50% Deposit Required to a maximum job value of £3000