COVID19 and the responsible measures we have in place to keep our customers and staff safe

Posted July 16, 2020 by Jon Matthews

Since there is no known cure to the current Coronavirus pandemic, we all must do our part to prevent the spread since life has to go on. To protect our customers and staff, these are the steps we are taking.

1. Strict Use Of Personal Protective Equipment And Disinfectants

We’re aware of the need for safety and hygiene, and so all our engineers are equipped with surgical masks, and gloves to prevent contact. We also encourage the use of hand gel, antibacterial spray, and wipes during our day to day activities.

2. Work From Home Orders

To lower the headcount in our offices and hence the potential of spreading any illness, our non-essential office staff is still working from home. We have upgraded our operations such that work can still go on uninterrupted without the need to be in the office. Only the staff that do the essential dirty work are allowed on site.

3. Daily Parts Collection Reduced To Twice Per Week

It is recommended that the less time spent with others, the better and so to protect all the stakeholders, we have reduced the parts collection to twice per week. This initiative means we will endeavor to make the most out of those days of the week and use the other days for work that does not involve contact with others.

Safety is not anything to be compromised on, especially during this time, and we all have a part to play. This is our way of showing that we take issues like these seriously and encourage that you do so too.

4. Contactless Payment

Payments can be made direct by internet banking paid by card via a payment link sent with the electronic invoice or taken over the phone.