Commercial Boilers: How the Worcester GB162 can help reduce your heating bills.

Posted July 5, 2018 by Jon Matthews

If you manage a school, office or larger environment you may want to consider upgrading your boiler to the Worcester Bosch GB162 to help you save money on your heating! This is one of Worcester’s latest models that has technology built in allowing the boiler to adapt to the environment’s heating needs, and intelligently work within the setting it is in.

The boiler has increments of 50,65, 80 and 100kW as part of its cascade system, and it is this system that helps save you money, by only using energy as / when it needs it. The ability to scale up and down is truly beneficial to any building and means you don’t have to constantly update the thermostat.

This boiler can be set up to run on its own but also easily in line with up to 7 other boilers, depending on what your heating requirements are.

The technology within the boiler means that it can automatically reduce its output to 30%, or even less, to match the demand for heat. Leaving you free to carry on with your day, all in the knowledge that your boiler will be making its own sensible moderations.

The GB162 has the very latest in high efficiency technology with a patented, award winning ‘ALU Plus heat exchanger,’ which helps increase the boiler’s durability and heating efficiency. This heat exchanger helps reduce heating costs as it has an increased surface area for the water to heat up on, therefore heating the water quicker and requiring less energy to do so.

If you are interested in finding out more about this boiler get in touch with us as we’d be happy to help!