How Hard water can affect your central heating system

You probably care about how your water tastes and notice if it leaves stains on your clothes or drinking glasses. However, the reality is that your water quality also has a significant impact on your boiler unit. Over time, hard water can slowly cause damage to your central heating system. The build-up of minerals caused …

COVID19 and the responsible measures we have in place to keep our customers and staff safe

Since there is no known cure to the current Coronavirus pandemic, we all must do our part to prevent the spread since life has to go on. To protect our customers and staff, these are the steps we are taking. 1. Strict Use Of Personal Protective Equipment And Disinfectants We’re aware of the need for …

Ranked number 1 Gas Engineering company in the UK 2019 according to Trust Pilot

Aquila Heating & Plumbing is proud to announce that we are ranked the best Gas Engineering company in the UK for 2019, according to the third-party review site, Trust Pilot. The achievement reflects our company’s commitment to customers and professional excellence. Finding a quality heating company isn’t always easy. Often you don’t have a tremendous …

12 year guarantee for Lifestyle 8000 boilers

Meet Style, Meet Life. The Lifestyle 8000 boiler is the perfect mix of substance and style. Available in practical white, and sleek black designs, these boilers come with an outstanding 12-year guarantee. Our boilers come stacked with innovative new technology, maintaining your system pressure, automatically re-filling should the pressure drop. Bringing your pressure back to …


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Coronavirus (COVID-19) update

Your safety and the safety of our engineers is important to us, and we are monitoring the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation daily as per the UK Government guidelines. Please contact us for more information and guidance.