12 year guarantee for Lifestyle 8000 boilers

Posted December 16, 2019 by Jon Matthews

Meet Style, Meet Life. The Lifestyle 8000 boiler is the perfect mix of substance and style. Available in practical white, and sleek black designs, these boilers come with an outstanding 12-year guarantee.

Our boilers come stacked with innovative new technology, maintaining your system pressure, automatically re-filling should the pressure drop. Bringing your pressure back to the optimum level removes the need to manually top-up your system.

For decades, we have created boilers to warm your home. Now with these foundations in place, we’re building upon them with our award-winning range set to bring warmth to the heart of your home without compromising on performance or quality-ever.

This new range has been cleverly designed to suit your lifestyle and your home. They are easy to use with a full display and smarter technology. You can control the temperature of your home with ease and comfort.

With an outstanding 12-year guarantee, your new Lifestyle 8000 boiler comes with the added protection against any material or manufacturing faults during that time.

Buying a new boiler is not like buying any other new product that is forgotten about- it’s something you rely on day-after-day. That’s why our 12-year guarantee for Lifestyle 8000 boilers gives you the peace of mind you need to carry on- knowing you’re being looked after by a manufacturer who looks after you year-after-year.

With your new Lifestyle 8000 boiler, not only is your home kept warm and stylish, it is also guaranteed to stay that way for several years to come.

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